Hello all, we will be returning to the epic adventures of Dragonlance most likely in late August, perhaps even after fest is over, depending on how people feel. More on this later.

Bre and I have decided to let you all re-make your Characters to be 100% Pathfinder. You will be level 12, and we are going to be more flexible regarding the traditional Dragonlance class restrictions. Spontaneous casters (though still rare in the world at large) will be available for PCs. I still reserve the right to nix any particular school/bloodline/archetype/etc that doesn’t fit the themes and spirit of the world, but for the most part am willing to work with people if they feel strongly about something.

For my leg of the campaign the important personality archetypes are as follows.

The Hawk: prone to aggressive impulses, this character is frustrated and angered by the advances of the dragonarmies, his homeland/family lies under the shadow of the Dark queen, and he seeks to vent his frustration by focusing his aggression on the enemy. This character may come to see the value of peace and stability as the war progresses. (this archetype is currently being filled by Hoff/greg)

The Idealist: Inspiring and charismatic, this character is driven to accomplish great deeds. He is completely devoted to the cause of defeating the dragonarmies no matter the cost. (currently filled by Bre)

The Shepard: Chosen by divine providence to gather the faithful and lead them into a new age of light, the Shepard is strong of faith and is driven to lay the foundation of a new era devoted to peace and stability. (formerly filled by Daniel)

The Rogue: A jack-of-all-trades, with a wide array of skills regularly used to his own advantage (or the party’s advantage, when he remembers them) this character looks out for number one, though as the war progresses develops a sense of duty and a true desire to assist his friends in succeeding in their mission. After all, they can’t really succeed without his help. (currently filled by Afton)

The following are archetypes that must be filled in bre’s leg of the campaign.

The Conscience: The heart and moral compass of the group, growing from innocence and naivete to wrestle with the ethics and difficult decisions brought about by a world at war, this character seeks to keep their companions from descending into the depravity of the enemies they seek to defeat. (currently not filled)

The Prophet: Chosen by the Gods to reestablish the divine connection, the Prophet carries the light of the new faith against the darkness of the dragonarmies. (currently filled by Matt)

The Leader: This is the diplomatic face of the group, as well as the one who decides their next step and how to take it. The Leader is decisive, but will take the time to weigh all options when given the opportunity. The Leader understands the strengths and weaknesses of his companions, and under his guidance they can be more than the sum of their parts. (currently filled by Hoff)